Midvale Speedway
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Sunday, April 20th
2012 Race Season Drivers
Driver Information
Driver:Dan Buckey
Hometown:Sherrodsville, OH
Division:Stock Compacts
Car #:50
Competition Results
Race DateCompetedFinish Pos.Points
Sep 08Feature1100
Sep 08Heat116
Sep 01FeatureN/A0
Aug 25Feature150
Aug 25Heat18
Aug 18Feature150
Aug 18Heat45
Aug 18Pursuit33
Aug 11Feature248
Aug 11Heat #118
Aug 04Feature836
Aug 04Heat36
Aug 04Pursuit42
Jul 21Feature738
Jul 21Heat18
Jul 14Feature346
Jul 14Pursuit33
Jul 03Feature346
Jul 03Heat27
Jun 30Feature296
Jun 30Heat410
Jun 23Feature346
Jun 23Heat36
Jun 16Feature248
Jun 16Heat36
Jun 16Pursuit51
Jun 13Dash40
Jun 13Feature542
Jun 13Heat45
Jun 13Pursuit24
Jun 09Feature248
Jun 09Heat45
Jun 09Pursuit24
Jun 02Dash30
Jun 02Feature444
Jun 02Pursuit51
May 26Feature248
May 26Heat27
May 26Pursuit15
May 19Feature346
May 19Heat45
May 19Pursuit42
May 12Feature248
May 12Heat27
May 12Pursuit15
May 05Feature296
May 05Heat116
Qualifying Results
Race Date1st Fast Time2nd Fast TimePoints
Sep 0848
Sep 0125
Aug 2525
Aug 1823
Aug 1123
Aug 0423
Jul 2123
Jul 1425
Jul 0325
Jun 3048
Jun 2325
Jun 1621
Jun 1325
Jun 0924
Jun 0225
May 2622
May 1923
May 1221
May 0546
Total Racing Points:1131
Total Qualifying Points:520
Total Points:1651