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2016 Champions Crowned
2016 Champions Crowned
The third attempt at completing the 2016 Summit Racing Equipment Season Championship Night was the charm. The weather couldn't have been more perfect in the middle of October. A good crowd came out to enjoy the final race of the season, four new Champions were crowned and our other Champion is now a member of the four timer club. Fifty seven car and truck combinations were pit side along with 16 skid plate racers. Skies were sunny and it was 74 degrees at race time.

The first Season Championship feature to take to the 3/10 mile oval was the 12 lapper for the Finish Line Motor's Mini Truck's. Rich Schweitzer in the #84 and Andrew Fishburn in the #87 started on the front row. "Mr Smooth" was able to wrestle away the lead in turn one in his #84 as Fishburn and Michael Varnes in the #95 fought for second. Schweitzer was able to quickly distance himself from the battle for second. The 2016 Point Champion Colt Locker in the #118 was able to work his way around Fishburn and then Varnes to take over the runner-up spot on lap 5. Locker started at the tail of the field after experiencing ignition issues during the heat race. By the time Locker was able to take over the second spot, Schweizer had built up a full straightaway lead. As the laps wound down, the new Grandpa would maintain his margin over Locker and pick up his 4th feature win of the year. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the VanMeter's Auto Repair, Allen's Muffler, Federated Auto Parts and Alicia Manly MD sponsored #84 was Locker, Varnes, Fishburn and 81 year old Roger Bausher finishing out the top 5. CONGRATULATIONS to Colt Locker and the entire Townhouse Drive Thru, My Water Doctor, The Lindentree and GM Electric sponsored #118 team as they pick up their first Championship!!!

Next up was the 30 lap McIntosh Oil Company Late Model feature. Larry Baker in the #6 and George Riddle in the #0 brought the field to Chief Starter Jason Nealey's green flag. Riddle was able to lead lap 1 in the outside lane but Baker would eventually prevail on the bottom and leave Riddle to fight with Dave Martin in the #3. As Baker started to inch away, Martin slipped way up the race track on lap 5, which allowed the #1 of Bryant Smith and the #2 of Alex Rosenberry to scream past. On lap 9, Bryant was able to roll around the outside and get around Riddle for second as they started to encounter lapped traffic. That lapped traffic bit Rosenberry on lap 10. As Rosenberry pulled along side Riddle through turns three and four, Bob "The Animal" Eichel was trying to give the leaders plenty of room as he was as high as he could go coming off turn four. As everyone filtered together on the front straightaway, Rosenberry tried to squeeze thru the middle of Riddle and "Animal" and ran out of room. The contact turned the #0 head on into the front straightaway wall and collected the #69. Both machines suffered significant damage and Rosenberry took his machine pit side for the rest of the event as well. Back under the green flag, the front three rows stayed side by side for several laps. It appeared that Bryant had a better car than Baker, but was unable to complete the pass. Either by strategy or an ill handling car, Bryant stayed to the outside of Baker, keeping the field stacked up behind them. The two cars directly behind them were 2016 Champion Bubba Smith on the bottom in the #12 and Ryan Tedesco in the #701 on the outside. Lap after lap, corner after corner, you could see the Cavelcade winner from two weeks ago starting to grow impatient. Finally, Tedesco got a great run off turn two on lap 20. He was able to split Bryant and Baker into turn three, but wasn't able to quite clear Baker. The combination of slight contact and a full head of steam sent Tedesco up into Bryant, moving him up the track and spinning out the #1, sending Tedesco to the tail. On the final restart, Bryant was able to quickly dispose of Baker, who was now in the high lane. Bubba moved to second, fastest qualifier Tom Stankiewicz in the #42 was up to third and Jesse Page in the #02 was running 4th. The Brothers Smith and Stankiewicz would distance themselves from Page, Baker and a charging Tedesco over the final six laps. Bubba would take a couple looks at getting around his brother, but was unable to get by. Bryant would pick up his 3rd victory of the year and celebrate with his mom in victory lane. It was great to see Sue Smith back at the track for the first time since early in the year as she continues to fight her disease. Following the Canton OH driver in the Canton Auto Salvage, Finish Line Design's, Freedom Auto Finance sponsored #1 was Bubba, Stankiewicz, Tedesco and Page. CONGRATULATIONS to Bubba Smith and the entire Finish Line Motor's, Finish Line Design's, Smith's Auto Sales and Freedom Auto Finance sponsored #12 for their Back to Back and 4th overall Championship!!! The first Back to Back Division Champ since Mike Miller did it in 2005 and 06.

Don Boron Sr in the #88 and Waylon Orr in the #28 led the JD Byrider Street Stock field down for the start of their 20 lap event. Boron would race out to the early lead with Orr tucking in behind. Josh Moss spun in turn two on lap 3 bringing out the first caution. After the restart, the front three rows stayed side by side for the first four laps. Then things began to settle down and everyone but Orr and Boron got single file. On lap 8, Jimmy Beatty in the #4 got into the left rear of the #21 of Colton Ritchey. Ritchey would lose his left rear tire and ice skate down the back straightaway. Ritchey would do an incredible job not to destroy his machine, but his night would be over. Beatty was sent pit side as well. Boron was able to get a really good restart once again and clear Orr off turn two. The following lap, Mike Martin in the #11 would get a good run to the inside of Orr and complete the pass into turn three. The final six laps, Martin was all over the rear deck lid of the #88. Peaking high and low, sending a few shots to the bumper, trying everything in the book to get by, but Boron had ice water in his veins. A car owner for several years for his son and a couple other drivers, he doesn't have a ton of experience behind the wheel. But, Boron showed he can not only build a good piece, but he can wheel it too. Boron would hang on to pick up his first career feature win as a driver, Orr would get by Martin as the #11 got out of shape off turn four. Rounding out the top 5 behind the East Sparta OH driver in the Bowling's Used Cars, Hidden Hybrid Holsters sponsored #88 was Orr, Martin, Bill Aubihl and Gabe Pringle. CONGRATULATIONS to Gabe Pringle and the entire Creative Floats, Lisa Hoy at State Farm Insurance, Tim Bickford at Parkway, Reidl Construction, Dave's Towing and Keith's Cars sponsored #7 team on their first Championship!!! A championship 30 years after his Dad won the same Division Championship with the same livery and car number.

The 25 lap Summit Racing Economy Modified's were up next as Shawn Kaufman in the #10 and Lee McCreery in the #2 brought the field down for the start. This was one of the Divisions that the Championship was still up for grabs and it was the closest battle. Coming into the race, Bryce Allensworth in the #21 had a 6 point lead over Lucas Ripley in the #0 and a 16 point lead on Kevin McClintock in the #38. McCreery was able to take the lead via the outside lane as Kaufman and Ripley raced side by side for second. The field stayed double file behind McCreery for the first 5 laps until Kaufman prevailed on the bottom to hold onto second. Ripley was momentarily stuck in the high lane, which allowed Allensworth to come up through to third after a couple lap battle. As the field settled down and got single file, nobody wanted to step out of line. Kaufman was having his best run of the season and looked strong in second. Allensworth wasn't going to take the chance of getting freight trained with the championship in hand as long as he stayed where he was. Ripley wasn't going to rough up Allensworth to take the crown, so unless Bryce made a mistake, Lucas would stay patient and take home second in the championship with McClintock marred back in 6th. As the laps would down, McClintock took some looks to the outside of fastest qualifier Brandon Bailey in the #55, trying to make something happen, but was unable to get by. McCreery was able to complete the bookends as he won on opening night as well, his 4th win in all. Following the New Philadelphia OH driver in the M&D Design's, Riddle Trucking, Gribble Fabrication, R&R Carb Service, Massillon Machine and Sick Puppy Tattoo sponsored #2 was Kaufman, Allensworth, Ripley and Bailey. CONGRATULATIONS to Bryce Allensworth and the entire Star Strategies Safe Money Management sponsored #21 team on their first Championship!!!

The final feature of the 2016 season was the 20 lapper for the Canton Auto Salvage Compact's. "Little Animal" Tyler Eichel in the #4E and Korey Herron in the #30 led the field to the stripe. This was another Division that had yet to settle it's championship. Britt Vanmeter in the #27 lead Gage Jaberg in the #21 coming into the race by 18 points. After a failed start, where Eichel appeared to have a mechanical issue and chose to restart at the tail, Sam Bigham in the #3D took the race lead. Jaberg was doing exactly what he needed to do, rocket to the front. By lap 2, Jaberg would take over the top spot. The races only caution flew on lap 2 as Alyson Smith in the #12 spun in turn four. On the restart, Jaberg left everyone else to argue over second. The only question was, where will Vanmeter finish? Vanmeter was able to be extremely patient and not put himself or the championship in jeopardy. Finally, as the race was closing in on halfway point, Vanmeter moved into second. As the laps wound down, Vanmeter conceded the battle, to win the war. Jaberg would cruise to his 3rd win of the season. Finishing out the top 5 behind the New Philadelphia OH driver in the Michael Taylor Allstate Insurance, Rt 39 Auto Salvage, Fox Auto Salvage and Parts, Naak Tuning and C&K Auto Service sponsored #21 was Vanmeter, Bigham, Clayton Oliver and Kyle Finlayson. CONGRATULATIONS to Britt Vanmeter and the entire Outlaw Vinyl's and Cater For You sponsored #27 team on their first Championship!!!

We close the books on the 2016 season with the Season Championship Banquet on Saturday night November 19th. Tickets are available at Smith's Auto Sales Mon-Fri 9-6 and Saturday 9-2. It has been another incredible season at "Thunder In The Valley"!!! We THANK all of our Driver's, their Team's and all of their Families, our Official's and Track Crew, our Sponsors and all of our supporting cast......AND ESPECIALLY OUR FANS!!!!! Thank you all for a great 2016 season and stay tuned to the Web Site and FB page and have a safe and wonderful off season!!!!!

See you in 2017..........

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- McIntosh Oil Company Late Model's

Fast Time: Tom Stankiewicz 13.802
Heat 1: Jesse Page, Bubba Smith, Bryant Smith, Ryan Tedesco, Alex Rosenberry, Tom Stankiewicz
Heat 2: Dave Martin, Gene Molnar Jr, George Riddle, Cody Jaberg, Larry Baker, Bob Schneider Jr
Feature: Bryant, Bubba, Stankiewicz, Tedesco, Page, Baker, Martin, Molnar Jr, Schneider Jr, Riddle, Bob Eichel, Rosenberry, Jaberg
Champion: Bubba Smith (4)

Summit Racing Economy Modified's

Fast Time: Brandon Bailey 14.778
Heat 1: Lucas Ripley, Kevin McClintock, Lee McCreery, Bryce Allensworth, Brandon Bailey, Bob Sibla Jr
Heat 2: Bill Westlake, Doug McMillen, Shawn Kaufman, Cristian Bailey, Jason Grewell
Feature: McCreery, Kaufman, Allensworth, Ripley, Bailey, McClintock, McMillen, Grewell, Westlake, Sibla Jr, Bailey
Champion: Bryce Allensworth (1)

JD Byrider Street Stock's

Fast Time: Gabe Pringle 16.007
Heat 1: Waylon Orr, Gabe Pringle, Mike Martin, Josh Moss, Bob Passwaters Sr, Colton Ritchey, Bill Aubihl
Heat 2: Larry Smith, Don Boron Sr, Bob Passwaters Jr, Tom Earley, Ryan Tedesco, Jimmy Beatty
Feature: Boron Sr, Orr, Martin, Aubihl, Pringle, Smith, Moss, Passwaters Jr, Tedesco, Ritchey, Beatty, Earley, Passwaters Sr
Champion: Gabe Pringle (1)

Finish Line Motor's Mini Truck's

Fast Time: Rich Schweitzer 16.367
Heat: Rich Schweitzer, Barney Gerber, Colt Locker, Andrew Fishburn, Michael Varnes, Roger Bausher
Feature: Schweitzer, Locker, Varnes, Fishburn, Bausher
Champion: Colt Locker (1)

Canton Auto Salvage Compact's

Fast Time: Gage Jaberg 17.507
Heat 1: Britt Vanmeter, Gage Jaberg, Clayton Oliver, Mitchell Mohler, Dan Buckey, Larry Ennis Jr, Kyle Finlayson, Sam Bigham
Heat 2: Korey Herron, Jimmy McElfresh, Josh Beall, Alyson Smith, Johnny Bruce, Tyler Eichel
Feature: Jaberg, Vanmeter, Bigham, Oliver, Finlayson, Ennis Jr, Mohler, McElfresh, Herron, Eichel, Smith, Beall, Bruce
Champion: Britt Vanmeter (1)

Skid Plate Race Winner: Rob Scott

Written by: Chris Kail
2016 Late Models Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Smith, BubbaLeader
2.Smith, Bryant-131
3.Baker, Larry-222
4.Stankiewicz, Tom-228
5.Schneider Jr, Bob-303
6.Hoopingarner, Gary-408
7.Eichel, Bob-449
8.Rosenberry, Alex-512
9.Page, Jesse-584
10.Willison, Mark-654
2016 Economy Modifieds Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Allensworth, BryceLeader
2.Ripley, Lucas-8
3.McClintock, Kevin-22
4.McCreery, Lee-203
5.Bailey, Brandon-217
6.Swaney, Braden-349
7.Bailey, Cristian-411
8.Marder, Shawn-493
9.Striejewske, Laney-559
10.Kaufman, Shawn-574
2016 Street Stocks Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Pringle, GabeLeader
2.Miller, Todd-111
3.Ritchey, Colton-117
4.Barker, TJ-132
5.Smith, Larry-137
6.Orr, Waylon-154
7.Grove, Kyle-510
8.Passwaters Sr., Bob-540
9.Passwaters Jr, Bob-826
10.Early, Tom-854
2016 Mini Truck Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Locker, ColtLeader
2.Linard, Joe-168
3.Schweitzer, Rich-277
4.Jaberg, Cody-295
5.Striejewske, Alex-760
6.Linard, Roger-794
7.Varnes, Micheal-978
8.Dreher, Tim-1067
9.Nicholas, Dusty-1086
10.Cordia, Derek-1136
2016 Compacts Series Standings
Records updated 10/18/16
1.Vanmeter, BrittLeader
2.Jaberg, Gage-16
3.Oliver, Clayton-186
4.France, Brandon-261
5.Finlayson, Kyle-314
6.Buckey, Dan-384
7.McDounld, Mike-426
8.Bigham, Sam-493
9.Herron, Korey-531
10.Salsberry, Blaine-547

Track Records
Late Model
#12 Bubba Smith 13.707

Economy Modified
#30 Preston Walker 14.468

Street Stock
#62 Rick Elkins, Jr. 15.937

#22 Kyle Rector 17.394

Mini Truck
#118 Colt Locker 16.282

Main Event
#28 Jimmy Carter 13.262

Super Modified
#19 Trent Stephens 11.865

Open Modified
#31 Doug Meyer 14.340

Super Cup Stock Car
#7 Larry Berg 14.951