Midvale Speedway
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Sunday, April 20th
2012 Stock Compacts Series
Records updated 09/11/12
RankNamePointsBehind LeaderPrelim WinsFeature WinsTop 5'sTop 10's
1Buckey, Dan1651Leader731618
2Bryan, Kohlten1614-37321618
3Bloom, Chris1162-489721213
4Clark, Allen1073-57853812
5Gibson, Gary790-8613089
6Bartholow, Howard762-88900510
7Murray, Gary741-91000710
8Salsberry, Blaine573-10784556
9Frederick, Tim539-11121157
10Conrad, Dave150-15010022
11Stull, Paul143-15080002
12Swaney, Braden82-15690111
13Vanfossen, Justin76-15750011
14Shreffler, Ryan76-15750011
15Swaney, Mike71-15801001
16Boron, Don62-15890011
17Harvey, Austin50-16010111
18Rolli, Neil44-16070011