Midvale Speedway
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Saturday, April 19th
2012 Economy Modifieds Series
Records updated 09/11/12
RankNamePointsBehind LeaderPrelim WinsFeature WinsTop 5'sTop 10's
1Smart, Randy1399Leader251314
2Racing, Rosenberry1349-50121215
3McClintock, Kevin1320-79411015
4McCreery, Lee1137-26233713
5Mills, Matthew1110-28940314
6Stewart, Adam1046-35380513
7Meyer, Doug969-430121010
8Courtney, Justin841-5586146
9Dobbins, Dave796-60320710
10Ripley, Todd789-6101249
11Westlake, Bill654-7452038
12Burkholder, Bill646-7531007
13Ujcich, Joe632-7671005
14Ertle, Tom597-8020004
15Hole, Greg491-9081005
16Green, Mike397-10022015
17Archer, Scott266-11330012
18Leggett, Don252-11470002
19Shaw, Brandon128-12710001
20Willison, Jr., Mark83-13160001